Syntax highlight files in macOS Terminal with less

It's often useful to peek at files directly from the Terminal, but wouldn't it be nice to have a little syntax highlighting as well? Thankfully macOS Terminal supports 256 radiant colors, and with a little help from GNU Source-highlight, we can set it up in no time. Firstly we install source-highlight using Homebrew:

brew install source-highlight

Then copy+paste the following into your .zshrc:

export LESSOPEN="| ${LESSPIPE} %s"
export LESS=' -R -X -F '

This will make less automatically syntax highlight all the supported file types, e.g. HTML files: less hello.html

As you see we now have pretty syntax highlighting of our HTML file directly inside the Terminal!

Printing HTML file with less and syntax-highlight in the Terminal

In the last line of our.zshrc we're adding some switches to less, which you can modify to your liking:

  • -R is needed for coloring, so leave that.
  • -X will leave the text in your Terminal, so it doesn’t disappear when you exit less.
  • -F will exit less if the output fits on one screen (so you don’t have to press “q”).

The last two are optional, so you can just remove them if you don’t want that behaviour.