Hi, I'm

Ole Michelsen


I was born in Denmark, moved to San Francisco and ended up in Seattle.

I work at Meta building webby stuff.

I like traveling and taking lots of photos.

I made crossword game, Regex Crossword, that lets you to solve puzzles with regular expressions. How cool is that.

I write blog articles to remember things.


  1. Meta (Software Engineer — 2022-present)
  2. LogMeIn (Software Engineer & Head of Engineering Community — 2017-2022)
  3. Citrix (Software Engineer — 2014-2017)
  4. Edora A/S (Software Developer and Scrum Master — 2012-2014)
  5. EET Group A/S (Software Developer — 2006-2012)
  6. Sandberg A/S (Software Developer — 2001-2006)
  7. Mercedes-Benz (IT — 1999-2001)

Education and certifications

  1. B.Sc. Computer Science, University of Copenhagen 2010
  2. Professional Scrum Master I, Scrum.org 2013


I have worked on a lot of cool projects during my career. Most of them on the web tech stack.

Besides that I create a bunch of side projects when I want to learn some new technology. Some of them are here.


Regex Crossword Mobile (Mobile, PWA, TypeScript)
Regular expression crossword game for web and mobile.
GoTo Connect (Electron, Node.js, WebRTC)
Web based peer-to-peer video conferencing.
GoToMeeting Free (WebRTC, AngularJS, Node.js, Firebase)
Web based peer-to-peer video conferencing.
Regex Crossword (JavaScript, AngularJS, PHP)
Crossword puzzle game using regular expressions.

Open source

 compare-versions (JavaScript)
Compare semver version strings to find which is greater, equal or lesser.
 angular-clipboard (JavaScript)
Copy to clipboard with AngularJS directive, without using Flash.
 express-ab (JavaScript)
Middleware for AB testing in Express
 angular-steps (JavaScript)
Split your UI into (wizard-like) steps in AngularJS.
 blog-social-signin-spa-jwt-server (HTML)
Code example for article https://ole.michelsen.dk/blog/social-signin-spa-jwt-server.html


Taking photos has taken me to some incredible places and outside of my normal comfort zone.

I've met interesting and wonderful people and it's provided me a different perspective on life and an incentive to keep exploring the world around me.