Regex Crossword Mobile

2019-2023 · Mobile, PWA, TypeScript

Regex Crossword Mobile is the app version of Regex Crossword, the popular regular expression crossword game. To work on a mobile device the whole UX had to be reimagined to support touch and a smaller screen size. It has an interactive tutorial to introduce newcomers to regular expressions and an improved puzzle builder allowing the community to contribute both grid and hexagonal puzzles. A leaderboard tracks the top 50 players.

The game is developed as a PWA and featurred in the native app stores for both iOS and Android. It's using HTML5 API's for drag and drop and service workers to be able to run offline.

App store

Download it now from the app store or go to regexcrossword.com in your browser (can be bookmarked to the home screen on your phone).

Install Regex Crossword from App Store  Install Regex Crossword from Google Play

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