GoTo Connect

2019-2022 · Electron, Node.js, WebRTC

GoTo is a real time communcations RTC app, offering phone, call center and video conferencing that can be used from your browser or downloaded as a desktop app.

Electron and Node.js

Implemented simultaneously as a hybrid standalone web app (SPA) and Electron desktop app. A lot of work went into taking the existing web platform, and bridging desktop APIs to extend capabilities like local disk recording, window management and auto startup.

The architecture allowed for teams to ship features independently of other teams and without being tied to the release schedule of the desktop binary. We went from doing quarterly releases to shipping every single day. An advanced update system allowed users to lock in a version or recieve updates while the system was idle or at night.

Landing page showing login and join meeting


The application supported phone calls through SIP and offered phone menu system configuration for small businesses. Text messaging was combined with chat and allowed for internal as well as communication with customers and sales leads.

Phone feature and menu system

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