Hillerød NetParty

1999-2001 · Organizer · Event planning · Design · Programming

Hillerød NetParty (HNP) was an association located in Hillerød, with the purpose of hosting LAN/netparties for members, where they could meet to play games and participate in competitions and events. It was started by my friends (Jonatan Pedersen among others) in 1998, and quickly grew to have over 300 members. In total eight parties were held, primarily in Hillerød Handelsskole.

I was part of the Organizer team from HNP #3 and onwards, and was responsible for the main website, handling member registration and a table booking service for the upcoming parties, as well as a history section with competition results and reviews. Additionally I developed internal web services for the parties, handling the tournament game plans and player statistics.
The systems were based on ASP and an MS Access database, and later moved to PHP and MySQL on Linux servers. We also hosted a large array of game servers for all the most popular games, which ran on a variety of *nix boxes. We used CGI-scripts for gathering statictics for player rankings, well before online gaming had adapted similar score boards.

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    List of crew members organizing the parties
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  • History & pictures

    History and pictures from the parties

Setting up

Here are some photos from one of the parties, held in Hillerødholmsskolen. The tables were arranged in sections, and setup so each seat had access to a 100 Mbit/s network connection and 2 AC plugs. The centre stage was for music events and projection of animation and movie competitions as well as game finals.

  • The main hall

    Main hall, setup from HNP#7
  • The members have arrived

    Members computers from HNP#7