glry - mobile first image gallery

2014 · JavaScript, touch gestures

glry is an open source image gallery plug-in. I needed a gallery that was mobile-first and could load the images given a function. But every plug-in I looked at required the images to be known/loaded beforehand, which is not optimal for large galleries on a slow or metered connection.

So I created glry which support touch events on mobile, where you can swipe and drag the image to go to the next/previous, and tap the screen to see a navigation menu. On the desktop keyboard navigation is supported with the arrow keys.

You can try the demo above, or open the demo in full screen.


I have also made the daily-glry extension, which is intended for daily comic galleries, e.g. a daily Dilbert or Calvin & Hobbes cartoon. It extends glry and can also go to today's date and jump to a random comic if you shake your device.

Both plug-ins are available on GitHub, npm and Bower.